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Find The Line

Find The Line!

Find The Line

Find The Line NYC finds the closest subway stop using your current location. A compass will point you in the right direction, and with the help of walking directions, you'll never be lost in New York City again. Want a specific train? No problem, you can select any train you'd like and Find The Line will get you there.

Currently with over 5,000 downloads and counting!


  • A real time compass that points you to the closest subway station.
  • A zoomable, movable, expandable map to guide you to your destination.
  • Ability to choose a specified train line to navigate to.
  • A simple, easy to use, one touch interface with sleek beautiful design.

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Picture this...

You just finished helping your friend move into their new brooklyn apartment.

You: Well thats done, but how the heck do I get home from this no-where far-off land? Probably too expensive to take a cab, and not any faster anyways. I'm no amateur when it comes to the subway, but if only I knew where the closest station was without having to know the ins and outs of every line in this overly complicated NYC subway system!

Us: That's where Find The Line NYC comes in. A one touch app that, with the help of a compass and walking directions, will guide you to the closest stop.

You: Oh great...the closest stop is the G train and I need to go to Manhattan, that doesn't help at all!

Us: Don't fret we've got your back, simply click the compass, or swipe, to reveal all subway lines, select your line of preference, and we'll show you where the closest location is.

You: Turns out theres an L train just a few blocks away, no need for a cab, and I'll be home in no time! Thanks Find The Line NYC!